Financial Clearinghouse and Ordering Features for A.A. Homegroups

Currently under beta testing…
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Phoenix Central Office has created a clearinghouse where groups can manage their cash collections, purchases and disbursements. It provides detailed monthly accounting and automates most of the process, without the need for a bank account. A member’s social security number is no longer required and can potentially reduce their personal tax risk while collecting or distributing group funds.


  • Set Recurring Payments
     Send your facility a monthly payment for rent, automatically.
  • Make One Time Purchases
     Buy Big Books®, coffee, medallions, etc.
  • Distribute by Percentage
     Divide the remaining balance and send to: Intergroup, District, A.A.W.S., etc.


Phoenix Central Office will issue your group representative a CHASE® ATM card for deposit only. Then, log into, set up and automate monthly distributions and one time purchases. On your group’s behalf, Phoenix Central Office will issue payments to your distribution recipients, order the supplies you choose and ship them directly to your group.


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